Where can I listen to good (standard) french?

If you are studying french, you are probably interested in listening to standard french, right ?

And you are probably aware that the french spoken by your french teacher, who is english/american is not the real french spoken by ‘native’ french speaker.

So you asked yourself this question that makes the title of this article.

So this article is about where you can find those native speakers…

Probably you think the best french is spoken in Paris right?

It’s also in Paris that you will find the frenchiest TV channels, film industry, actors, newsreaders, presenters, dubbers, narrators, do you agree?

Paris is the capital of France, so it’s in Paris that you will find the best bordeaux, the best bourgogne, the best champagne, the best ratatouille, the best cassoulet, the best camembert, the best bouillabaisse, wait a minute?

I’m having a slight doubt, because obviously, the bourgogne is produced in Burgondy, not in Paris?

The champagne is produced in Champagne, not in Paris?

The camembert might be produced near Camembert, in Normandy…

Isn’t the cassoulet a speciality of Toulouse and ratatouille a speciality of Marseille?

Ok Paris might not be the real center when it comes to specialities, they could But Paris is still the center of the French language right?

Well Paris have been the center of formation for the french language, because it was at the epicenter of Langue d’Oïl. Look at this map:

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